'Cuse Tweet Meter 7/28

'Cuse Tweet Meter 7/28

Twitter gives insight into the minds and lives of athletes. Syracuse has many of their recruits who utilize the social media tool, as well as current players. CuseNation.com takes a look at the past week of Tweets related to the Orange.

Christian Blake tweeting during his first visit to Syracuse.

Julian Whigham on his recent measurements.

A new rule change for college football.

Darius Kelly receiving his jersey number.

Marquis Spruill is the most experienced player in the ACC.

Christian Blake after his Syracuse visit.

Aaron Roberts reaction to watching Scott Shafer on television.

Syracuse walk-on Eric Morris giving back.

Jerome Smith's catch phrase.

JUCO DB Daron Roper wishing Chauncey Scissum luck with the Orange.

Syracuse commit modeling his workouts after a former Syracuse star.

No surprise on who A.J. Long's favorite team is.

Orange target Antwan Cordy displaying confidence.

Sunshine State DB with an offer from Syracuse.

A hint from Aaron Roberts, or just having some fun with Twitter fans?

Kyle Knapp is ready for camp.

A.J. Long continuing to help the Orange recruit.

Former Syracuse WR Rob Carpenter is excited about the return of football.

K.J. Williams getting into the mix of helping Syracuse recruit.

Jamar McGloster feels honored to be at Syracuse.

Ish Witter on his visit to Syracuse.

Cordell Hudson, 2014 DB with a Syracuse offer.

Ish Witter after his visit.

Who will Witter choose?

Jerome Smith is eagerly anticipating his senior season.

Former Syracuse great Justin Pugh has signed his first NFL contract.

The Syracuse team bonding at Coach Shafer's house.

Eric White taking in some basketball.

Coach Hopkins also impressed by Waiters.

A.J. Long's father.

Nile Sykes.

2015 prospect Adrian Foote on an upcoming visit to Syracuse.

Chauncey Scissum enjoying life at Syracuse.

Terrel Hunt will be featured this upcoming season.

2015 TE Chris Clark looking forward to an upcoming trip.

Colton Moskal wants Clark to join him at Syracuse.

Shafer and the team continue to bond.

Lamar Dawson announcing his decision, much to the delight of Orange fans.

Fellow ‘Cuse commit Rodney Williams reacting to Lamar Dawson committing.

A.J. Long also reacting to the news.

Rodney Williams excited about the future.

Gerry McNamara on hoping for another title.

George McDonald is confident about the 2014 class coming together.

Keon Lyn happy to have Dawson joining the Orange.

Deion Hallmon says he knows which school is the right fit.

After a vacation, Directing of Recruiting Eric White is headed back to Syracuse.

Tyler Marona isn't overly thrilled with the rain.

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